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AWSG offers both outdoor exposure testing and laboratory accelerated weathering testing for our clients. The outdoor testing sites are worldwide and span the globe. The two major sites in the USA are the South Florida Test Service in Miami, Florida and DSET Laboratories in Phoenix, Arizona. These two testing sites are both considered to be “benchmark” locations.

Miami has a sub-tropical environment with 3000 hours of annual sunlight, high UV, high humidity, frequent rain, and long periods of wet time.

Phoenix has a desert environment with 4000 hours of annual sunlight, high UV, very high temperatures during summer, and wide changes in daily temperatures during winter.

Depending upon the product or material to be tested and its end use, a combination of natural outdoor exposure testing at these two “benchmark” locations can be very useful for service life predictions.

Outdoor Testing is too slow for our products!

Yes it is slow especially for products and materials that are expected to have a service life of 10 years or more. It is a fact that it takes 365 days on the exposure rack to equal 1 year in Miami or Phoenix. While outdoor exposure testing is slow, it is however the final answer to the service life of a product. A well rounded weathering testing program should include in parallel a combination of natural outdoor exposure testing combined with an accelerated weathering testing. Our AWSG offer accelerated exposure testing in several forms. Some that use natural sunlight and some in the laboratory using an artificial light source that closely simulates sunlight.

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