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Harris Weathering Products, Inc. has specialized in accelerated weathering and light fastness testing for over 30 years. After working closely with our customers and servicing their weathering testing equipment, we recognized the need for better quality water used for cooling xenon lamps and water sprays for specimens and humidification.

The HWP staff, that includes engineers with extensive industrial and marine experience, developed new water purity systems that combined a high performance Reverse Osmosis System with a DI “Polisher”.  These combination systems improved the water quality as compared to DI water systems and reduced operating costs. Our Harris Water Systems Division has been designing, building, installing and servicing RO/DI systems for over 25 years and now has 500 systems in use on a global basis. Most of these systems have been sold for use with accelerated weathering testing equipment, temperature-humidity cabinets, corrosion chambers, and other laboratory testing equipment that require pure water.

At the time our company recognized the need for higher quality water for accelerated weathering testing, most of the industry test methods were, in our opinion, inadequate for the specified water quality.  It was several years later that ASTM changed its specifications from 20 parts per million(ppm) of total solids (TDS) to no greater than 1 ppm, and no greater than 0.1 ppm silica.  ASTM now recommends the combination of RO plus DI treatment as the best means to meet these new water quality requirements.

Harris Weathering Products, Inc. and its Harris Water Systems Division it a very focused company. We design , manufacture, and service water systems that are specifically designed for accelerated weathering testing equipment. Our water systems are supplied with most of the required installation materials, and with easy to read documentation and service information. Most of our customers can maintain the equipment with their own staff.   

If your organization is involved with the use of accelerated weathering equipment, temperature-humidity cabinets, or corrosion-humidity chambers, you should find some useful information in this web site.

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