HRO-200, 300, and 400

Models HRO-200, 300, and 400 RO/DI-PT Systems

  • Our most popular models with several hundred now in use on a global basis. Ideal for 1-2 Xenon Weather-Ometers/Fade-Ometers.
  • Rated capacity of 200, 265, and 375 Gallons/Day**
  • Is a complete system including: Feed Water Pretreatment Section, Pressure Pump, Industrial RO System with TFC high rejection-98% membranes, Water Storage Tank, DI “Polisher”, and Dual TDS Meter to monitor system performance.
  • Optional DI Water quality monitor.
  • Easy to install. All water connections lines use “push-in” fittings and tubing, included with system.
  • Economical to purchase, install, and maintain.

** Refer to Product Specifications in Bulletin 1.7 for details.

For more information, request Product Bulletin 1.7 and Price List 1.7

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